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TANGZU XuanWu Gate 1DD+4BA +2EST In-ear HIFI Hybrid Driver MONITORS Multi-Drive Wired Earphones IEM 2 pin 0.78mm Cable Headest

TANGZU XuanWu Gate 1DD+4BA +2EST In-ear HIFI Hybrid Driver MONITORS Multi-Drive Wired Earphones IEM 2 pin 0.78mm Cable Headest

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Xuanwu Gate

1 Dynamic Driver 4 Balanced Armature 2 Sonion Electrostatic In-ear Earphones



- Ergonomic design

- Dual Sonion Electrostatic speaker units

- Professionally tuned

- Dynamic driver + Balanced armature + Electrostatic units tribrid.

- Aluminum alloy shell

- 0.78mm detachable cable design

- Independently developed eartips

dynamic driver unit for its low frequencies. This diaphragm is lightweight and has high rigidity, providing more accurate and faster response speed, as well as better audio resolution. Low distortion, quick response, high re10mm Carbon Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Unit: Xuanwu Gate uses a 10mm carbon composite diaphragmsolution, and soft and delicate sound. Powerful low-frequency dive with full elasticity.

 Aerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy CNC

Xuanwu Gate is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy CNC, curved in delicate lines. The panel looks more premium and sophisticated after gold plating, smooth and exquisite. The Aluminium  Alloy effectively reduces internal resonance, making the sound output more stable and clean.

Chinese Terraced Field Design Concept

We use terraced field line design on the exterior of the case to give Xuanwu Gate a more three-dimensional appearance. The case's line flow emphasizes Xuanwu Gate's sound style, which is grand and melodious, like terraced fields in the mountains, vast and continuous, delicate and smooth.

2 Sonion Electrostatic Speaker Units:

Electrostatic speakers employ an extremely thin diaphragm capable of being driven by voltage-to-current conversion, enabling precise sound reproduction with exceptional detail representation. Xuanwu Gate's utilization of 1:2 electrostatic speaker units optimizes the balance between dynamic drivers and balanced armatures. This configuration enhances detail amplification, resulting in a mellower and more transparent sound, while improving separation and density. The overall sound experience is characterized by a relaxed yet energetic ambiance, delivering rich atmospheric qualities without any sense of drag.


4 Custom Balanced Armature Units:

Xuanwu Gate incorporates two custom composite balanced armature units dedicated to mid-high and high frequencies. This dual configuration enhances sensitivity, transient response, and reduces distortion, resulting in clearer sound reproduction. By employing two balanced armature units, the transition among frequencies becomes smoother, contributing to a wider soundstage and enriched details. Moreover, the delicate nuances and emotions in the audio are rendered with greater finesse, offering an immersive listening experience.

 Earphone Structure Diagram

Face plate cover, 10mm Dynamic Driver unit, Sonion Electrostatic Speaker unit, Custom Balanced Armature mid-high frequency unit, metal sound nozzle.

 0.78mm Detachable Cable Design

The 0.78mm detachable cable design greatly enhances the the functionality of Xuanwu Gate, allowing users to match a variety of upgrade cables, enabling Xuanwu Gate to upgrade in place and achieve a better audio experience.

Xuanwu Gate Tuning Philosophy

Neutrality is the primary direction for tuning Xuanwu Gate. As our first flagship project, in the process of sound production, we aim to create a mature and balanced solution. We strive for a balanced listening experience and quality, rather than leaning towards extremes. With the collaboration of three different driver units, we ensure that each frequency band maintains high coherence and balance. Combined with our tuning of the electrostatic unit, the overall sound have transparency, airiness, and better high-frequency extension. The production process of Xuanwu Gate took more than six months. After numerous overseas exhibitions, hifishows and feedback collection, with repeated adjustments, we are quite satisfied with the final product and hope you will also enjoy our interpretation of the flagship Xuanwu Gate this time!

8-core Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated Braided Earphone Cable

Xuanwu Gate uses 98 strands of single crystal copper silver-plated wire braided into 8 cores through the Litz structure. The overall length of the cable is 1.2 meters, finely crafted. The sound of single crystal copper silver-plated wire is vivid and lively, adding luster to Xuanwu Gate. The earphone plug comes with 4.4mm and 3.5mm, so there is no need to worry about balanced and single-ended, it covers all bases.

Rich Accessories: Xuanwu Gate is equipped with a high-end earphone storage box, with delicate and glossy black wave pattern, the hard box effectively protects the earphones, and the flannel inside can prevent moisture and keep warm. Two sets of different versions of Tang Sancai earbud covers are provided, balanced version and wide bore version, for flexible matching, instantly opening the door to a musical time.

Package Contents

- 3.5mm Earphone Plug * 1

- 4.4mm Earphone Plug * 1

- Xuanwu Gate Earphones * 1 pair

- Earphone Storage Box * 1

- Tang Sancai (Wide Bore) Earbuds 3 pairs

- Tang Sancai (Balanced Version) Earbuds 3 pairs

- Single Crystal Copper Silver-plated Wire 1 piece


  • Product Name: 1 Dynamic  Driver, 4 Balanced Armature, 2 Electrostatic In-ear Earphones
  • Unit Configuration: 10mm dynamic driver unit * 1
  • Custom Balanced  Armature mid-high frequency unit * 2
  • Custom Balanced Armature high frequency unit * 2
  • Sonion Electrostatic speaker unit * 2
  • Sensitivity: 103dB 1kHz
  • Impedance: 10.5Ω 1kHz±20%
  • Frequency Range: 7Hz-20kHz
  • Cable Material: Single crystal copper silver-plated
  • Cable Length: 1.2m±5%
  • Socket Interface: 2-pin 0.78

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Great IEMs

Fantastic IEMs, hard to find any fault with them, refined and balanced sound, a kind of super HD650 IEM equivalent.